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Medford Acupuncture Clinic

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810 E Jackson St
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: 541-779-6223

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Monday8:00 - 1:002:00 - 5:30
Tuesday2:00 -5:30
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"I am missing almost all of the cartilage in one knee.  I was having a lot of pain and was walking with a limp.  I had this problem for several years and it only got worse...  A friend recommended Medford Acupuncture, I decided I'd give it a try even though this was a totally foreign concept...

It took only two or three sessions and I was telling...  how great that knee felt. 

I no longer limp like a gimp !  It had gotten so bad I could barely walk at the pace of a snail... I walk just as normally as anyone else and no longer have to hang on to shopping carts !  And if I really need to get going - I can do it !"

Sue N.   Medford

"I had bursitis in my left shoulder and could not raise my arm.   I had 4 cortisone shots over a period of time.   I went to acupuncture... After three weeks I could raise my arm and the constant pain was gone.   Gerald Senogles has made a big difference in my life.

 I have recommended acupuncture to my friends and people I work with."

L.S.   Gold Hill

"I was suffering from chronic headaches for a two year length of time... I also suffered from neck and shoulder pain... I came to a point where I could just not remember when I felt great. 

I responded  very well (to acupuncture) and received relief from my headaches almost immediately.  As each treatment was given the pain was alleviated from my shoulders and neck and my overall energy level improved and stayed improved.  I have since reduced my treatments to a maintenance schedule... I am so glad that i made that choice.

Acupuncture has become my first choice in helping me to achieve optimal health.  What is your health worth to you? "

K.M.    Eagle Point

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For two years I suffered with progressively worsening bursitis. I consulted with my GP, two orthopedic surgeons, and did PT exercises with no success in relieving the pain. In less than one month of accupuncture treatment the pain is completely GONE!!! Thank you Dr. Senogles, you have given me back the ability to do the activities that enrich my life :)

Katherine L. -
Medford, OR

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Oriental Medicine uses Acupuncture and Herbal formulas for a complete health care system.  Please call for a personal discussion of you health concerns.

541 779-6223  Gerald Senogles, LAc, DOM can answer many of your questions with a phone visit, and schedule an appointment for treatment or consultation.

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Medford Acupuncture Clinic
810 E Jackson St
Medford, OR 97504
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  • Phone: 541-779-6223